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Additional Staff Needed and Partner Opportunities


Sustainably Wise is being created in order to provide a web portal containing as much of the information needed to assist all people and stakeholder groups in helping to make a rapid transition to full sustainability as possible. 


For the past twenty some years I have participated actively in the UN’s sustainable development processes; and I’ve become increasingly aware of how ineffective our existing efforts are as compared to what is truly needed. I care deeply about the well-being of Mother Earth and have become ever more aware of the grave harm that we have been doing to our planet home as well as to the people and other species living on it. I have thus made a personal commitment to do whatever I can to make a real difference in the world. 


I have participated in many different organizing processes that focused on how we could make the world a better place for all of us; but I’ve become very disappointed with many of the ineffective strategies that were being pursued as well as with the many failed organizing efforts and processes. I’ve realized that much more is needed if we are truly going to be able to reverse the repeated failures of both civil society and our governments and to do the things that will be needed in order to truly transform our world and create a sustainable world. Thus I decided to create Sustainably Wise.


The initial work on Sustainably Wise was done by myself - Rob Wheeler; Lisinka Ulatowska - Coordinator of the Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Group; and MostWantIT - a Dutch Web Design Company ( though I have created this version of the web portal myself.  The web banner and logo were designed by my son, Devin Lafferty of Creativ Sense. 


We are currently looking for additional partners and staff to help with the development of Sustainably Wise, along with potential impact and angel investors and corporate or business sponsors, with a commitment to transitioning to a sustainable world. In particular, we would like to find excellent people with the ability, skills and background to be able to take on the jobs of: 


Business Partners

Web Developer or Webmaster

Fundraiser or Fundraising Consultant

Marketing Professional

Executive Director


Personal Assistant

Content Development



We are also looking for organizations that are interested in helping us to promote Sustainably Wise and to introduce the web portal to your members and supporters, while we in turn will promote your activities, initiatives and advocacy campaigns, along with many others, that are helping us all to transition to a fully sustainable future and world. 


Contact Rob Wheeler at or Skype: Robineagle333 for more information about any of the above.


Thank you, 


Rob Wheeler, Founder and CEO

Sustainably Wise

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