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Our Vision

Solar Panels

Sustainably Wise is based upon the development of a web portal as the central component of its business activities which will provide the essential information needed by all interested people and stakeholder groups to assist in making a rapid transition to full sustainability at the local to global level while also helping to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Currently humanity is facing a rapid growth in devastating local to global challenges that threaten the ability of humanity to both thrive and perhaps even survive on planet Earth. This ranges from the severity of climate disasters and related impacts, to a loss of top soil and soil fertility, shortages and lack of clean water, exceeding 4 of 10 planetary boundaries along with the carrying capacity of the earth, poisoning, destruction and degradation of the natural environment; rapid depletion of the natural resource base; and inequitable sharing, along with the rapid destruction, of the rich bounty of the earth. * biodiversity loss, loss of ecosystem services and integrity, and mass extinction, Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future

Meet our Team



CO founder


A university student currently studying Business Management and Finance at UMBC. In addition to his major in business and finance, he is pursuing a focus on environmental science and ocean geology. On the side of the school, Evan is a freelance photographer and videographer who has worked with various different businesses and clients around the local Baltimore area.

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Rob at Village Ceremony 1 copy_edited_edited.jpg

Main UN Representative, Network Steward’s Circle and Elder’s Council, Global Ecovillage Network; North American Representative, Global Facilitating Group, Action for Sustainable Development. He has participated actively in all of the primary UN Sustainable Development processes since 1997 and served for 3 years on the Executive Committee of the Millennium Forum (civil society's companion event to the UN's Millennium Assembly and Summit in 2000).



Co founder 


A current student at Towson University studying Digital Media Production major with a professional background in photography and social media content creation. He has learned and developed media production skills applicable to social media marketing and web design.

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