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Register to post your Action Strategy on Sustainably Wise or to ask for help and let others know what you are doing; to vote articles that you read on Sustainably Wise either up or down; and/or sign up for our eNewsletter, updates and/or new developments on Sustainably Wise and the People’s Global Action Campaign. 


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Contribute to our organizing effort. All contributions, no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated and will help us to be able to build out the web portal as quickly as we can and to let as many of the world’s people know about how they too can become Sustainably Wise as possible. 


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We are also planning to produce a TV program series that will air on more than 6500 TV networks and stations around the world, reaching a potential viewing audience of more than a billion people, that features many of the most important initiatives and most interesting and intriguing stories that are also featured on Sustainably Wise. Your support and contributions will help to make this possible. 


We are looking for socially responsible corporate partners that are interested in sponsoring this TV programming and that have excellent sustainable production processes and/or products that they would like the world to know about. Let us know if you are interested in this or if there are other ways that you would like to contribute to the organizing effort. 


Contact Rob Wheeler at for more information. 


Rob Wheeler

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Please let us know of any of useful information, if you have a question or comment, or want to suggest, propose or ask us anything in particular. Thank you. 

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