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Action Center


Here in the Action Center we invite you to develop, or further develop, your own strategy for contributing to the global effort to transition to a fully sustainable economy, world, and future. It is designed to be a place where you can decide on your priorities and determine the things that you might want to do next. Making such a shift to a fully sustainable world will require a massive or rather mammoth effort, that will also have to include as many of us as possible, so we hope that you will be as ambitious as you can. 
While we recognize that you may want to phase in your actions over a considerable period of time, given the extent to which humanity is already damaging the natural environment and harming both human and planetary health, the quicker we can make the changes needed the better off we will all be. Really many, if not most, of the things that we recommend doing should have been started in earnest at least 40 years ago and many of us realized that then. So, the Time to Act is Now!!
Most of us also have multiple roles that we take on in life, and likewise the Action Center is organized according to some of these various roles or rather stakeholder groups, thus making it easier to find things that may be helpful to you. But before we get to that, we would like to suggest that there are also quite a number of specific requirements, prerequisites or changes that we will have to make in order to live in a fully sustainable manner. Many of these things are addressed to at least some extent in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; but by and large we recognize that we are going to have to go considerably  further than what our governments were willing to agree to when they decided on the SDGs. These prerequisites are thus included in the box below. 
Now, under each category or stakeholder group we include a series of questions and a place where you can list the types of actions or activities that you want to include in your strategy plan. We also include a listing of programs and  initiatives that include their own guidelines, frameworks, actions, and recommendations - along with examples of best practices and resource materials that you may find helpful as you develop your own action strategy plan. And we include links to relevant materials and information that we have included in the Sustainably Wise Learning Center. 
We start with a section for Individuals because all of us are individuals and there are specific things that we each can do in our own lives to make a significant difference; and then a section for various types of organizations. Following that we include each of the other principal stakeholder groups. For example, most of us are then a part of, or live in, some type of community or other or even multiple communities of various sizes and would like to be able to encourage our community, or communities, to take action to become more sustainable. So we include a section on Community Planning and Implementation Processes next. 
Then many of us either work for or have our own business, so there is a section for that. And then a section for both Students as well as one for Educators; and finally a section for Governments or those working within government.

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