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A portal that provides the most essential information for people that are looking to discover and adopt more sustainable practices and contribute to creating a fully sustainable world.

Indeed more than 2 billion hectares of land (an area as large as South America) are already severely degraded. And the UN Food and Agriculture Organization projects that with current agricultural practices we will have destroyed most of our top soil within 60 years.
And yet we also know that organic farming is 2 - 4 times as productive as conventional agriculture in the developing world  (UNEP) and is much more resilient to climate change. Desertification can be reversed by restoring fragile environments. Biodiversity loss can significantly be reduced with ecosystem restoration. Water retention landscaping can bring life back into degraded ecosystems and repair both small and large scale natural water cycles. It is thus essential that we transition as rapidly as possible to a fully sustainable and regenerative future or world. 
Unfortunately, however, humanity is rapidly depleting our natural resource base all around the world; and we are facing rapidly expanding resource scarcity - whether it be a lack of water, scarce minerals, loss of forests, or depleted top soil. It is thus ...

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Humanity is currently facing a myriad of urgent global challenges that are rapidly undermining our ability to live well and provide for all people's basic human needs on planet Earth. Almost nothing that we do is done today in a fully sustainable manner. This web portal has thus been designed and is being developed to collect and provide you, or really all of us, with the basic information we need to be able to fix this. 


According to the UN Secretary-General’s 2019 Progress Report, “It is abundantly clear that a much deeper, faster and more ambitious response is needed to unleash the social and economic transformation needed to achieve our 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The natural environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate: sea levels are rising; ocean acidification is accelerating; the last four years have been the warmest on record; one million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction, and land degradation continues unchecked.”

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