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Peoples Global Action Campaign

Thank you for checking out our Peoples Global Action Campaign. The Campaign is an effort to support humanity in making a complete transition to full sustainability as rapidly as possible. Given the extreme urgency of the interconnected global challenges that we are all facing together, we believe that it is essential that we all do whatever we can to help make this transition as quickly and fully as possible. 


There is almost nothing that humanity is doing that is done in a fully sustainable manner. It is thus essential that we focus on the pre-requisites for transitioning to a truly sustainable world. This will include such things as transitioning to a fully circular economy, eliminating all waste, adopting fully sustainable consumption and production practices, restoring the natural environment, phasing out the use of toxic substances, and investing in  a transition to 100% renewable energy technologies. 


The Peoples Global Action Campaign will include the most promising and effective initiatives and campaigns for making such a transition - both organized by others as well as by Sustainably Wise. We want to partner with as many other organizations as possible, including the business community, governments and community organizations etc. so that we can develop as successful a campaign as possible. Please feel free to write and tell us about other initiatives and campaigns that you think we ought to know about. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions. 


Read on below to find out about and see how you can support each of the initiatives that we are supporting below. 


Thank you,

Rob Wheeler

Founder and CEO, Sustainably Wise

Get Involved? 

Find out what is going on all around the world and see how you can play a key role in keeping our planet healthy.

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